about ebony

About Ebony

Determined. Positive. Resilient. Uplifting. Understanding. Altruistic. Spiritual. Curious.

I am Ebony, a German Xennial (microgeneration between Gen X and Millennials) with Nigerian roots. I support people and organisations in creating meaningful and sustainable results for them.

Transformational Leadership (leading as a role model) and creativity are my passion.

Value consciousness is especially important to me, because our results can be traced back to our deeper values (core values).

My core values: Purpose, honesty, joy, harmony, freedom, love, integrity and wisdom (lessons learned from applied knowledge).

In my professional career I have been and still am mainly active in dynamic start-up companies as well as medium-sized companies globally.

My mission
Break out, plug in! Revive hope.
I passionately seek to create clarity, build connectedness, and create supportive environments. My mission is to enrich people's lives with meaningfulness, quality and freedom. In doing so, I follow the dream of connecting people with themselves, others and their environment.

Business Coachings







Achieve your goals in leadership coaching

Four steps taking you to your goal:

Knowledge alone will not get you where you want to go. Gain necessary clarity and personal development by transferring theoretical concepts into practical action steps for your daily life. Climb the ladder of competence from unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence to conscious competence to unconscious competence.

Many people create results based on the common thinking that life happens to them. This is working from the outside in. I help you operate from the inside out through the development of your mental skills, self-efficacy and self-awareness (becoming aware of yourself).

From around the age of 5, we develop our consciousness and begin to “filter” what we take in. Statistics show that a child hears the word “no” an average of 400 times a day. Our deeper imprint of inner images, behavior, beliefs, etc. we therefore receive for years completely unfiltered. Scarcity thinking and victim mentality are deeply rooted in us, even as trainers and coaches. With over two decades of experience in mental reprogramming, I am at your side for a new way of thinking.

How is success actually measured? Most would say by tangible results. A popular post on LinkedIn measured it by: Job title. salary, mental health, physical health, free time, and job satisfaction.
Yet even top performers sometimes feel dissatisfied.
Why? The above-mentioned areas lack the measuring and value-giving context. In short: Purpose. Together, we will guide your successes into the significance that will impact you forever. – You are significant!

My professional positions

In my professional career, I have been and still am mainly active in dynamic start-up companies as well as medium-sized companies globally.

Some of my professional stops and tasks

  • Head of Training
  • Manager Complaint Office
  • Auditor (Service)
  • Quality Manager (Service)
  • Communication and Behavior Trainer
  • Workshop leader
  • Facilitator e.g. Round Table, Mastermind Groups, Workstream Fusion (e.g. Supply Chain Management and Product Management), Vision Creation, Strategy Development etc.
  • Event Facilitation
  • Business Leadership Coaching
  • Speaker



Leading at eye level 99%
Talent Development 98%
Interconnected Innovative Thinking 97%
Customized Consulting 95%
Facilitation and Presentation 92%
Department Setup 92%
Strategy Development 88%

Let's talk about your specific situation

I support you in getting the best out of you, your colleagues or your project.