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Design Thinking, Design Consulting and Project Implementation

We design the way forward for ideas and products to put them on the best playing field where they can reach their full potential and make the maximum impact. Our broader focus is on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) transformation for sustainable results.


Companies, institutions and nations seeking far-reaching solutions in the areas of innovation, sustainability and ethics.

Our Mission

Making history – leaving a productive legacy – one idea at a time

Together with our clients, we transform today into a better tomorrow. In doing so, we address problem causes, create clear visions, concepts, systems and implementation plans.

Our Vision

RockSolid is the world’s most sought-after team of skilled professionals in ESG transformation. We guide companies, institutions and nations in solving, overcoming and transforming basic needs and human dignity challenges in their region.

Who we are

We are an international team of qualified professionals of different disciplines and skills who share the same vision and mission.

We are equals – meeting at eye level – among unique individuals and understand that together we achieve great things. Therefore, we honour each other’s realm of authority, respect each other’s competencies, talents, skills, knowledge, differences, strengths and weaknesses.

The team as well as our network includes countries such as Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States of America, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines, Netherlands, Kingdom of Bahrain and many others.

Our Products

Professionals Serving With Excellence


DestinyHelpers™ are skilled professionals who practice their profession with purpose, integrity and excellence. Our DestinyHelpers™ are primarily deployed during crises (e.g., professional shortages, organizational change) and see themselves as serving a greater cause.


Our pool of medical professionals comes fully equipped to be deployed as professionals abroad/to our client. Our in-house training as well as our system is designed to accurately and proactively meet our clients’ challenges and needs in times of crisis.

Projects Leaving a Legacy


Innovative projects for a thriving future, sustainability combined with technology. Our projects focus on global problems that need to be solved or require a new approach. We look for systemic approaches, practicality and sustainability to create innovation.


We build greenhouses with our absira module. An innovation capable of automatically regulating and maintaining a conducive as well as necessary temperature, directing and filtering light frequencies within the glass while using unneeded frequencies to generate energy.

The technology can also be effectively used in building facades and function in many ways, for example, as a presentation screen, as it is able to display holograms or regulate the temperature in the room.

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