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"I have never had a professional coach before. I consider myself a hard-worker and believed that whatever success I wanted us up to me and nobody else until I met Ebony. I started working with Ebony late last year and after our first 2 sessions I could already see much of a better performer I was at work and a better father at home. Let me share a little bit of context here. My sessions with Ebony started when my wife was in the last trimester of her pregnancy. I was about to take off for my paternity leave and was really worried that as a manager, I hadn't really empowered my team to carry on smoothly in my absence. We had a new product launch coming up and the build up to it required a lot of work to be done. There were a good number of things that were still in my head and I hadn't completed the roadmap for the following year. At the same time, I had to be on standby because I was worried my wife could go into labor at any moment then. As a result of this, I felt a bit stressed and overwhelmed. The first thing Ebony did was have me do a time audit of my typical day. We then went through how I was setting daily goals which was an aha moment for me. I was packing in so much into each day, achieving a few which then caused me to stress out about the rest. We then talked through the outcomes I wanted to see while on paternity leave and how it would make me feel to see them achieved. By the time I was going on paternity leave, I had gotten my house in order both professionally and personally, thanks to Ebony's amazing coaching sessions. Before I started, I wasn't sure if I would make through but after I started, I really looked forward to our next sessions. Ebony is the best at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of coaching. "
Tabot A.
Manager Product development
"Ebony changed my perspective of coaching in just three sessions (we had six altogether). I am highly self-reflective because of my professional and educational background. So, I thought this should do the magic, and it did until I met Ebony. Working with her made me realize why one should have a coach beside them, regardless of background or experience. Having a coach as skillful as Ebony means having the whole self-reflection and way more. Ebony provided me with the structure and space for insightful reflections as never before with her thought-provoking but right-on-spot questions. The speed with which I could discover, learn and experience under her guidance is simply fascinating. And, though I miss so much my sessions with her, I can still hear her questions when they are most needed to find my way into different situations. Thank you, Ebony! The work with you was life-changing, and the results are ever-lasting."
Ralitsa M.
Manager Executive Leadership Development

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