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Core Values Index™

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For business owners, managers, executive coaches, consultants, human resource professionals and individuals

Why is it that some leaders are able to take countless customers and/or employees out of an organization?

One major factor is motivators – core values.

If you don’t know the value of a thing or person, which points to the purpose; you will misuse, alienate or misappropriate that thing or person.Ergo, you will experience frustrations, failures, dysfunctions and more.
Invest 8 minutes and the Core Values Index™ assessment will show you your unchanging nature.
Optionally, you can receive a detailed report with charts and trends including the Resource Guide for further development and practical use in everyday life.

The best investment in psychometric assessments

Your CVI report includes your scores under four core value energies and six emotional contribution types in a 17-page report customized for you. It includes colorful graphics, conflict resolution strategies and more. Plus, you’ll get the 173-page PDF “The Core Values Handbook” for free!

All this for just $49.95, with a 10-day money-back guarantee!

Take the CVI today to find out where your personal and professional strengths lie.

Personality type 1: Merchant

It’s all about relationships

You see endless opportunities and constant possibilities.

You are at your best when you can get others excited about your vision. You excel at taking the contributions of others and putting them together to create maximum value. You value relationships and connections with others above all else.

expression merchant

Personality type 2: Innovator

It’s all about wisdom

Your most important skill is being able to see problems and challenges with clarity and how to solve them. You assess situations accurately and efficiently and offer solutions. You are naturally creative and often find novel solutions to problems that are truly unconventional. Nothing makes you happier than finding a solution to an important problem.

expression innovator

Personality type 3: Banker

It’s all about knowledge

You have a unique drive to understand the what, how, and why of things. You learn best through trial and error and are unlikely to make the same mistake twice. You usually try to understand the world around you through facts, figures and data. You are eager to constantly educate yourself and share what you discover with others.

expression banker

Personality type 4: Builder

It’s all about action

Taking charge and getting things done is your first priority. You lead by example. Your style is to act immediately and use your personal energy to achieve the desired result. Your ability to make decisions quickly is your most important trait. You instinctively find a way forward and pursue it courageously.

expression builder
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