Ebony Fagbuyi

About Ebony

A connector, thinker and empowerment agent that gets people results. Being fluent in English and German, Ebony supports individuals and companies as an international coach, since 2004. She widens your perspectives, stirs up new ideas and maps out your way to reproducible success - which leads to lasting significance, if you want it to be. She comes alongside as your best friend as well as your thinking & accountability partner to get you from A to B. "I am successful when YOU are!"


We all learn differently in order to grow. We also use different strategies: hearing, seeing, writing, practicing, experiencing, teaching and exchanging with others.
Ebony provides: Professional Speaking, Corporate Training, Workshops, Coaching, Mastermind Groups, Online Master Courses, Mentoring, Moderation & Facilitation.


We are all connected somehow. Connect and contact Ebony via email, phone or Skype.